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NIDA Genetics Meeting

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) hosts an annual meeting to showcase and encourage research on the genetics and epigenetics of substance use disorders. 


Madhur Singh presented his findings on "Examining Bidirectional Causal Effects between Smoking and Peripheral Blood DNA Methylation Using Mendelian Randomization" at the 2023 NIDA Genetics Meeting.



Amanda Gentry, PhD, presented her findings on "Machine Learning to Predict Alcohol Consumption From Blood-Based Biomarkers" at the 2023 NIDA Genetics Meeting.



Eva Lancaster, PhD, presented her findings on "Examining Aggregate Genetic Risk by Environment Interaction on the Relationship between Interpersonal Violence Exposure and Alcohol Use in an Ancestrally Diverse College Cohort" at the 2023 NIDA Genetics Meeting. 



Roseann E. Peterson, PhD and Bradley T. Webb, PhD presented their presentation on Investigating influences on alcohol consumption and major depression across middle and late adulthood: A genetically informative machine learning approach at the 2022 NIDA Genetics Meeting.

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