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Amanda Gentry, PhD, presented her poster "Blood-Based Biomarkers to Predict Major Depressive Disorder Phenotypes: A Machine Learning Approach" at the 2023 WCPG.

Dana Lapato, PhD, presented her poster "Transdiagnostic Investigation of the Latent Structure of Psychosis in a Nation-Wide Clinical Cohort" at the 2023 WCPG.

Madhur Singh, PhD, gave a talk on "Putative Causal Effects between Cigarette Smoking and Peripheral Blood DNA Methylation: A Mendelian Randomization Direction-Of-Causation (MR-DoC) Study" at the 2023 WCPG.

Lab Director, Roseann Peterson, PhD, gave a talk on "Unveiling the Hidden Health Risks: Phenome-Wide Associations in Sex Chromosome Trisomies From Three International Cohorts" at the 2023 WCPG.


Nadia Corral Frías, PhD, gave a talk on "Advancing the Understanding of Depression Genetics: An Introduction to the Major Depression Working Group of the Latin American Genomics Consortium" at the 2023 WCPG.

Tan Hoang Nguyen, PhD, presented his poster "Integrated Analysis of Rare Exonic Variants Provides Additional Insights Into Alcohol Use Disorder Risk" at the 2023 WCPG.


Tim Bigdeli, PhD, gave a talk on "Genetic Architecture of Schizophrenia in African Ancestry Individuals" at the 2023 WCPG.


Madhur Singh presented on "Genome-Wide Association Studies of Major Depression in the U.K. Biobank: Comparing across Methods, Phenotypic Definitions, and Ancestry," at the 2022 WCPG. 

Eva Lancaster, PhD, presented on "Genetic interrelationships between depression occurring in the postpartum period and reproductive-related phenotypes," at the 2022 WCPG 

Roseann Peterson, PhD, as part of the PsychMERGE Initiativepresented on "Performance of Psychiatric Phenotyping Algorithms in Electronic Health Records by Race and Ethnicity: An Assessment From the PsycheMERGE Diversity Initiative, " at the 2022 WCPG


B. Todd Webb, PhD presented his presentation on "Stability of genetic influences on alcohol consumption and BMI across middle and late adulthood" at the virtual 2021 World Congress of Psychiatric Genetics.

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Eva Lancaster, PhD presented her poster on "Characterizing the genetic architecture of postpartum depression in populations of East Asian ancestry" at the virtual 2021 World Congress of Psychiatric Genetics.

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